The Philosophy of Perfumes WEIL




A story which begin in the « Roaring Twenties »…

The Perfumes WEIL were created by three brothers. The WEIL perfumes draw their inspiration from furs. Opulent and luxurious furs from the Roaring Twenties, work signed by the artists Alfred, Jacques and Marcel WEIL.In 1927, from the furs, the perfumers Claude FRAYSSE, directed by Marcel WEIL, decide to affix precious perfumes contained in Baccarat bottles.

Their names evoke smooth and expensive furs. Prestigious women were mad about : ZIBELINE, CHINCHILLA ROYAL and HERMINE. Marcel WEIL death in 1933 did not stop the inspiration on his brothers. Up until the war, the perfumes BAMBOU, NOIR and CASSANDRA followed each other. Refugee in United States of America in 1940, the WEIL family had time to cast the perfumes oil : SECRET DE VÉNUS. Then, the activity gets back to Paris in 1946 with the creation of PADISHA and ANTILOPE.

The sixties : fur lets its place to freshness…

In 1960, with Jean-Pierre WEIL, the second generation modernize the brand. This is the creation of EAU DE FRAÎCHEUR, a very fresh, green and lemon-scented toilet water that nowadays we position as a unisex fragrance. One perfume follow another : GENTILHOMME (1966), WEIL DE WEIL (1970), CHUNGA (1977) and WEIL FOR MEN (1980).

In 1984, the WEIL perfumes knew a great success with the creation of a perfume water flowered and lightly fruited BAMBOU. Its modernity and its refinement seduces women. A new men’s perfume KIPLING is cast in 1986, for men’s enamored of adventure. The nineties announce the start of new dynamism, because of the new packaging of BAMBOU (1991) and the revival of EAU de FRAÎCHEUR (1993).

En 2002…

In 2002 the brand has been bought by AROLI – Arômes Ligériens. Since then, more fragrances have been created :



2007 : SO WEIL

2008 : EAU DE WEIL


2011 : WISE and WILD

2013 : ÉMOTION

2014 : GREEDY

2015 : DEEP BLUE